Business Broadband

Why Business Broadband Solutions Matter to Your Business

Reliable broadband is an essential component of doing business. Connecting with your customers, suppliers and employees has never been quicker and easier than it is now. Email, web, social media, broadband enabled telecoms (e.g. VOIP and teleconferencing) helps your business stay in touch with the people that matter. As a vital compenent of you business, it’s important to choose a reliable, fast and well supported broadband provider for your business.

Business Broadband is designed for customers who need industrial strength broadband but without the price of a full corporate solution.

Catering for the needs of small & medium sized businesses (SME), large businesses and the individuals who run their businesses at home or prefer to work from their homes, business broadband is aimed at business users who require fast and reliable Internet connection.


There are a number of advantages to selecting a good business broadband provider.

1) Enhanced security

Business broadband packages most often come with enhanced security with better features to help ensure that your data and network is more secure and robust than domestic broadband.

2) Faster uploads

If you spend a lot of time connecting to the office via VPN remotely (e.g. from home or on the road), or perhaps uploading data, you might want to make use of the faster upload speeds that are available with various business broadband packages.

3) Additional Services

Some business broadband packages can provide additional services for your mission critical applications such as e-commerce, net-meetings, streaming audio/video, portal services, web hosting, on-line data backup and extra firewalls.

4) Static IP

A static (or fixed) IP address may be important for business users that run services such as VPN or email. Most business broadband packages offer a fixed IP option at minimal additional cost.

Sharing Internet In Your Office

With modern routers (supplied to you by your ISP), sharing your Internet connection is easy using fixed or wireless networking.

A great way of improving productivity in your company is to setup VPN access for your employees. VPN enables employees to remotely login to your business network as if they were in the office and is great for home or remote working scenarios.

Support and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Business broadband comes with enhanced support and SLA. SLA’s mean that your supplier guarantees to fix the problem within a certain timescale.

Most packages come with priority 24/7 telephone support.


The maximum broadband speed that your line can support is determined by a number of factors such as your distance from the exchange and line quality.

Advertised broadband speeds are expressed as the maximum theoretical download speed (i.e. transferring data from the Internet to your computer). Upload (transferring data from your computer to the Internet) speeds are typically much slower. If you need fast upload speed, ask your business broadband provider about SDSL which provides faster upload speeds.

Most broadband providers should be able to tell you what speed is achievable at your office address.


The range of options and service levels for business broadband can be bewildering and overwhelming but ultimately, when you cut through all of the hype, you business needs only two things from its Internet connection: Consistent speed (i.e. no slow-down at peak times or ISP “traffic shaping”) and reliability (or durability). You could distill these essential two requirements still further into the most important factor when choosing broadband for your business which is “good service”.

Finding “good service” is sometimes not easy as you may be at the mercy of strong marketing messages from broadband providers all competing to win your custom. This is why it’s important to research any prospective business broadband provider thoroughly before committing. One way of researching is to look for impartial and independent user broadband reviews. Checking out these reviews before you sign up can save you the time and money associated with picking a slow and unreliable business broadband provider.

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