Broadband Speed Test

Speed Test

Speed Test

Check Your Broadband Speed

Your broadband speed depends on:

  • The quality of your broadband provider’s service.
  • Your distance from your local telephone exchange.
  • How many other people are using broadband in your area.
  • The quality of your network and computer hardware.

A good quality broadband speed test can help you to track down the cause of a slow broadband connection.

What to look for in a broadband speed test tool

A broadband speed test should offer reliable and accurate testing and be easy to use and understand.

Also look out for reporting facilities allowing you to compare your results against others testing your broadband provider.

Using a broadband speed test to track down problems

Try running the test at several times through the day. Does the speed result vary and follow any pattern? For example, is your speed slower in the evening?

From testing your broadband, you should be now able to identify the likely cause of any slow down. If your broadband is consistently slow throughout the whole day, you most likely have a persistent problem with your connection. Some examples of possible causes could be your distance from the telephone exchange or perhaps underlying problems with your broadband provider’s network.

Are others experiencing similar speed problems as you with the same broadband provider? If so, this could suggest underlying technical problems with your broadband provider. Contact your broadband provider and discuss your broadband speed problems with them.

Perhaps your broadband is slow at particular times of the day. For example, you may find that you have slow speeds in the early evening (e.g. 5pm – 8pm). This could suggest that either the broadband in the your area is perhaps oversubscribed or that your broadband provider has capacity problems in its central infrastructure. Take a look at other speed test results for your broadband provider. Do they generally show a slow down at various times during the day? This should give some clue about whether the speed problem is general to your area or specific to your broadband provider’s network.

Ideas for a slow broadband connection

When you have an idea about what is behind your slow broadband, you now have some choices.

  • Discuss your slow connection with your provider. They may be able to easily help.
  • If you feel that you are not getting anywhere with your provider, you could try and switch broadband provider. Be aware that this might not necessarily speed up your connection if the source of the problem is over-subscription of broadband in your area.
  • Try an alternative way of getting broadband. For example, you could try changing from xDSL (telephone line) to cable (if available in your area). You could also try mobile broadband and see if this is a possibility for your location.
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