General Information About Broadband-Help

History of the Site

Broadband-help was created in August 2000.

It was created to plug a gap in the market at the time:- There was nowhere to go to find out how various broadband providers were ranked and reviewed in the UK.

After the site launched, it rapidly grew to be one of the foremost resources on the Internet for broadband providers in the UK.

It’s undergone major facelifts in October 2005  and April 2010 to bring the site and technology up to date. As well as new layout for the site, we created a framework that could exploit features of new technology available in 2005 and 2010 such as dynamic news syndication, browser compatibility changes and significant improvements to site navigation, load speeds and general usability.

The 2010 update saw the site move to a WordPress based framework.

Our Mission

Our Mission has always been the same:-

“To provide users the best broadband services possible by encouraging customer choice based on actual provider performance”.

We believe that the only way to raise standards in the industry is through competition between broadband providers.

Customers have the right to choose a broadband provider that best suits their needs. www.Broadband-help.com cuts through the marketing “fluff” and provides customers with real life reviews of broadband service providers so that customers can make informed decisions when choosing a broadband service provider.

Our Values

Service Standards

We believe that customers should have the right to affordable and reliable broadband services. This means that if a service is sold then it is up to the broadband provider to ensure that satisfactory service is delivered. We do not believe that it is ethically correct for broadband providers to sign up and continue to take money from customers when the service provided is not what was advertised or expected by the customer.

Freedom of Information

Broadband is big business in the 21st century. Providers will do nearly almost anything to win your business. This includes “bending” the truth or omitting key facts from their advertisements or promotional literature.

It is our aim to provide you with the information that they don’t include in the glossy literature.

Identifying Outstanding Service

Not all broadband providers give bad service. In fact, there are some providers trying really hard to deliver good service in the market.

We believe that, through the impartial review system on www.Broadband-help.com, these providers will rise to the top of the rankings automatically. Where a provider is consistently delivering outstanding performance, we will seek to actively promote this provider to our readers.

Why Broadband-Help?

There are a lot more broadband sites out there than there used to be! This is a generally a good thing but, like all those plethora of satellite TV channels, more does sometimes mean “more quality”.

Many so called “broadband sites” are simply listings of broadband providers put up on the internet in the hope that users will click through and provide the “broadband site” with affiliate or referral commissions. Whilst we don’t object to this concept, we don’t believe that these sites offer any extra value to customers over and above what they could find out themselves by running simple search engine queries.

www.Broadband-help.com is different from most other “broadband sites”. It provides real value to customers by giving real reviews on broadband service providers. As of the time of writing, we hold more user reviews of UK Broadband Providers than any other site.

We have also been around for a long time (since 2000), so we know what is important to broadband customers.

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